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Fashion Fix: Food in Fashion

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DALLAS -- When it comes to fashion, design and creativity are everything. When it comes to food, presentation and flavor are crucial.

So, what happens when the best of both worlds collide? Welcome to the first ever Food in Fashion show at Trinity Groves.

"Greater Dallas Restaurants, wanted to have an event that got them closer to some of the students in the culinary programs at the high schools as well as close to the trustees of the Dallas Independent School Districts,” says Randall White, President of Elettore and Producer of Food in Fashion. "I had this wacky idea about well, let’s get 10 emerging fashion designers, folks that haven't that haven't had a chance quite yet and partner them with 10 restaurants and say come up with something."

And that's how cuisine met couture! What’s the catch? Ten percent of the design had to be food related.

"I partnered up with I Fratelli Pizza and I decided to use pepperoni and a little bit of where they gather their forks and napkins and I decided to recreate something on the top and then I decided to do a little headpiece with a little bit of pepperoni,” says Fashion Designer, Ivette Alvarez.

Edibles walking down the runway weren't the only things cooking up a storm. Local high school kids were busy with their own creations during a Chopped type competition.

Molina High School Senior, Erin Sherwood says "Food is typically its own fashion; the way you dress it up on the plate and the way that you present it is like basically saying hey this is fashion but for me in a different form.”

Proceeds benefit the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation and its Prostart Program in Texas public high schools.

Looks like parents had it all wrong all along! Good things do come when you play with your food!



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