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Family disputes Arlington traffic stop that lead to the death of their son

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ARLINGTON -- The family of a man shot and killed by an Arlington police officer wants proof it happened the way police say it did.

Tavis Crane was pulled over by Corporal Elise Bowden on February 1st.

She called for backup after learning Crane had outstanding felony warrants.

It was at that point police say Crane ran over Bowden twice before trying to flee.

They say another officer got into Crane's car to stop him, and when he didn't, the officer fired.

Witnesses who were in Crane's car at the time tell a different story.

Crane's mother believes he hit Bowden by accident while struggling with the second officer.

She and other family members sat in the lobby of the Arlington Police Department on Wednesday in hopes of seeing dash cam video and getting a sit-down with detectives.

Arlington police say they can't release the video because it's part of an ongoing investigation, but say they've reached out to Crane's family in the past to talk about the case.


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