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“Day without Immigrants” protest hits North Texas

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DALLAS -- Today many folks across the country are taking part in a protest, by taking the day off.

Carlos Quintenilla has been promoting the protest on social media, “The message is that immigrants have a lot of economic power obviously when a supermarket like El Rancho decides to close its doors for one day in support of the immigrant community, that`s sending a very powerful message.”

That message is about illegal immigration.

The travel ban, implemented by President Trump and the push for a strong U.S. border wall has been a hot topic for many elected officials.

Jamie Gage came to El Rancho supermarket to find out that they were not open for business.

“If they’re illegal and they`re over here and they`re working, I have no problem with that! But its sad to see its come down to this.” says Gage.

David Martinez, who also was expecting the market to be open says he can empathize with the frustrations of people over the policy “I can definitely understand why people are upset and why they want to do something. All these policies  are affecting everybody, but at the same time I can`t really miss work,” Martinez said.

La Grande 107.5 Morning show DJ, Armando Ulloa said after hearing from his audience he felt he had to take part in the protest.

“I told my employer that I really felt strongly about this and I was not going to do my show and they said, okay”

Ulloa says this protest should really open up the conversation on illegal immigration.

“Nobody desires or wants to come here and be illegal and to get looked at like you don't belong" says Ulloa. "Nobody wakes up in the morning and says I want to be illegal. But I think some people do it because they don’t have another choice. Because they’re trying to find a way to feed their family and give their kids a better future.”

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