Ruff Life: Ellie trims down and trims away her loneliness

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DALLAS -- An unexpected hole is rarely a good thing, and that was definitely the care for poor Penelope.

"She had quite a big four-inch diameter hole on the back of her neck," said Dallas Pets Alive! Marketing Director Haley Edman. "It was obvious she had some sort of skin infection."

That's no joke and neither is a depressed Chihuahua mix at 37 pounds!

"Penelope was super, super sad and stressed out in the shelter, so much to the point that they had to put her on a wagon for the foster just to take her out," Edman said from Plano's Pet Paradise.

But hey, plus size is the right size in some eyes!

"I just saw this cute, little chubby dog and my first thought was, 'This is great. We can work out together,'" Abby Smith said.

Smith looked at more than 50 dogs online, but there was something in particular about Penelope.

"She definitely winks at you," Smith laughed. "I don't know if you can see, but she'll do it!"

That was it. Abby picked up Penelope and shortened her name to Ellie.

It wasn't exactly love at first sight, though.

"She wouldn't let me touch her, so I was kind of scared of her at first just because I thought she hated me," Smith said.

Now, though, a slimmed down Ellie has a BFF in Abby.

"I can't even unlock my door without her already being at the door jumping up," she said. "She just runs circles around me."

Happy, healthy, and home. Sounds like a solid solution for Ellie and Abby.

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