Bored? Broke? 👉 Savvy Saver

Are social media & technology the root to ALL relationships?

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DALLAS -- Gone are the days when people spent all night cup-caking on the phone. But now, thanks to technology, you can just text what you want to say (or even worse, hit her in the DM's).

Numbers don't lie and AT&T just proved that! The company asked 4,000 customers about this so-called new-age communication and relationships!

So, if you're wondering why that guy/girl won't text you back about that date proposal-- chances are they'd probably rather be asked in person.

7% say they're most likely to ask someone on a date via text while 27% said otherwise.Need another reason to give that thumb a break?  Well, it's probably not romantic to text those three words for the first time.

64% say they first said "I Love You" face -to-face while only 3% tried to pull it off in a text message or on social media.

Despite the growing popularity of "ghosting," 77% of people surveyed say they've never broken up with a person via text. But, If you're one of those hopeless romantics who've tried to find love online -- you're not alone. 36% claimed they believe long-term relationships can start on dating apps.

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