Supergirl S02 E11: Seeing double with massive effects

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Last episode’s M’Gann origin story leads us to this week's episode with M’Gann’s angry, Aggressive White Martian husband Armek stalking her to bring her back to Mars for the crimes she committed.

After an attack in the alley behind the alien bar -- seriously, everyone gets jumped in this alley; go back inside M’Gann, you’re in danger girl! -- J’onn insists M‘Gann rely on her friends to help her fight off the White Martian.

But just as M’Gann is seeking help from J’onn and crew at the DEO in walks… dun dun. Another M’Gann?! Since Green and White Martians are shapeshifters and telepaths, our team is unable to tell the difference between the two M'Ganns -- so the DEO goes on lockdown.

With tensions high, our J’onn suggests the fire test to reveal the true White Martians. Side note: In the comics with the Martian Manhunter having super-strength, telepathy, shapeshifting and the ability to become intangible, J’onn’s only weakness is a fear of fire.

Once revealed, Armek escapes leaving J’onn, M’Gann, Alex and Supergirl searching the halls of the DEO. But what’s this? There’s a second White Martian? And it’s Alex!?!

J’onn discovers the bodies of Winn and Alex in cocoons reminiscent of Alien, leaving Supergirl to go head to head with Alex the White Martian.

They pulled out all the effects in this episode from superspeed to heat vision to even freeze breath! With our pair of White Martians defeated, M’Gann tells J’onn she wants to return to Mars to find other peaceful White Martians like herself.

But our next episode is the return of Lillian Luthor! And an origin on how adopted Lena became a Luthor. Could this also mean the return of Cadmus? Is our original season-long arch coming back?

Let’s find out in the next Supergirl, Luthors!

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