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Wylie Police Chief pulls couple over – with good news!

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WYLIE -- When you see police lights in the rearview mirror, it's usually bad news.

That's certainly what Wayne Blackmore was expecting when he was pulled over last weekend in Wylie.

He expected a ticket for not having a front license plate on his truck. But the stop, which Wayne's wife Michelle recorded on her cell phone, ended a little differently.

"Rules are put in place for a reason," Chief Henderson of Wylie PD tells Blackmore in the video.  "And as a parent, we also have to make sure we're good role models, correct?  And seeing as how you're in that boat now, don't you think it's important that you do the same?"

"What?" asks a stunned Mr. Blackmore.  He's handed a note of congratulations, and his wife shows him a positive pregnancy test.  "You're an idiot," he tells Michelle, laughing.

Yeah, the couple had been trying to get pregnant for a while, resorting to in vitro fertilization.

"You know, there are not a lot of surprises with IVF," Michelle told NewsFix.  "It's pretty much one step after another."

So, to surprise her husband, Michelle asked Chief Henderson for a hand.  He was happy to help - on his day off!

The video of the reveal was a big hit on social media.

"This is so surreal that that many people want to see our video," said Wayne.

"People want good news right now," said Michelle.

And that's exactly what Chief Henderson delivered to the Blackmores.

"For us, it's the best news we could get," Wayne said. "Finding out we're pregnant, and not getting a ticket!"

Hey, how many traffic stops have a happier ending than that?

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