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Rosie O’Donnell as Steve Bannon and everyone else who wants to join SNL

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NEW YORK, NY-- You've gotta admit, SNL has been pretty spot on with some of their political impressions. Rosie O'Donnell put in her bid to take on the role of Steve Bannon?!

The TV personality is so dedicated, she even made a photoshopped pic her Twitter default. If you think Rosie playing a chief strategist on SNL is too far-fetched-- think again! Melissa McCarthy playing Sean Spicer was an instant classic! Although SNL confirmed they won't be casting Rosie anytime soon, people are wondering -- who else can be cast as a part of Trump's team?

Check these out:

Or what about...


But some of the best floating around out there are Wanda Sykes as Ben Carson and Ellen as Mike Pence. Alright, SNL is up to you to make some casting calls!

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