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Why some millennial workers might prefer compliments over compensation

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DALLAS -- You'd be lying if you said a compliment didn't make you feel good every now and then! If it's your outfit, hair, or just everyday effort, getting a little love goes a long way.

But, a new report done by Gallup, shows the millennial mindset might be taking things too far. It claims today's 20 to 30 something year-olds need compliments to thrive in the work place.

We sat down with a millennial expert (yes -- apparently there is such a thing), Jim Whiddon, to break down why this trend happens.

"[Millennials] needs constant reinforcing," Whiddon said. "They're truly the first generation in the technology age, so the consequences of that are just a distraction."

Instead of getting paid, some millennials would rather the boss-man pay them a compliment. Researches also point out that the average millennial expects a pat on the back every seven days?

"I think it's very important to provide compliments and feedback and constructive criticism," Whiddon added. "I believe the millennial generation can be the greatest generation."

Guess, wanting to feel appreciated for your talents isn't so bad! But, let's hope these millennials aren't just fishing for compliments and actually working for them.

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