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Fashion Fix: Woman X Power

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DALLAS -- A Dallas designer is fighting human trafficking with fashion.

"I’ve created my new collection, Woman X Power, and dedicated [it] to women, powerful women, women in Dallas that are strong that are entrepreneurs, business women and they are going to walk for the strong women in the Philippines."

Esé Azénabor teamed up with My Refuge House to host a charity runway event in Dallas. The non-profit organization fights for girls in the Philippines who are human trafficking survivors.

Kim Jones, Director of Engagement for My Refuge House says, "She actually connected with the fact that our girls are so valuable, our girls have an undeniable dignity and an undeniable beauty and to me, those two things go hand in hand."

"My whole brand is for women that are strong, empowering and that represent themselves in a society in a dignifying way at the same time that they're women, they're sexy, they're bold, they're confident and they're fashionable,” says Azénabor.

Thirty everyday real women walked the runway, not for themselves, but for the girls who are taking back their lives.

"It takes a little class mixed with a little sass to help those that need help, “says Real Housewife of Dallas, LeeAnne Locken. "What I truly hope that people realize is to be aware of what’s happening in our communities, if you're not aware of what’s going on in your community, you can’t make changes and you can’t make a difference."

Proceeds will be donated to My Refuge House in hopes there can be a cure through couture.

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