Legends of Tomorrow S02 E10: Is Reverse Flash being chased through time by Black Flash?

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Hello my Legends Legionnaires! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

With Rip Hunter’s mind wiped by his own doing, the Legion of Doom’s attempt to torture him yields little results. Actually, a very little result -- a tooth, with the location to a vault in 2025, that the Legion hopes contains the Spear of Destiny or its location.

This episode spends most of it’s time cementing the relationship between the members of the Legion of Doom. Up to this point, it’s been a mystery as to why Eobard Thawne -- the Reverse Flash -- keeps disappearing each episode.

But it’s revealed in a tense couple of scenes, at the very end, that’s he’s being chased through time by… the Black Flash??

It may not be him, but he sure is reminiscent of a zombified Flash seen in the massive DC event, Blackest Night.

Since this was a Green Lantern event solidifying a multi-colored ring core, it would be a surprise if were the Black Flash.

Could it be a version of Zoom?

With the rest of the Legion of Doom at his side, Thawne thwarts the Black Flash by remaining still and not drawing upon the speed force. This humbling of the apparent Reverse Flash character gives him and us, the viewer, a purpose to the Legion of Doom’s existence.

Thawne wants the Spear to prevent his grandfather Eddie Thawne's death as we saw over in Flash Season 1. Damien Darhk also wants the spear, to save his own life, as we saw in Arrow. Merlin wants the spear to re-write time so his Tommy son is still alive.

So what does the vault contain? Not the Spear. But it does have a map of Rip Hunter’s brain and his memories.

So what do villains do? Villainy, of course! Thawne modifies Rip’s personality right before restoring his memory.

Our next episode preview gives us a really bold and brazen and villainous Rip Hunter going after George Washington in what, I assume, will lead us to the Spear of Destiny.

Can our Legends stop Rip from killing Washington?

Only time will tell in our newest Legends of Tomorrow -- Turncoat!

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