Flash S03 E11: HR to the rescue? Wait, what?!

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Hey Flash Fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

This episode jumps right into the action with Flash in the process of apprehending an arms deal, but what’s this? HR to the rescue?! Wait, what?

Turns out, our HR has been embellishing his Team Flash adventures, making himself the hero and broadcasting those adventures out to the multiverse! This is what tips off a bounty hunter named Gypsy to come after HR for crimes against Earth 19. She initially says HR's crimes are for jumping universe, which is crime on Earth 19 but later on, HR plays coy later on when confronted. That has me wondering if there’s much more to it than that.

This version of Gypsy is very loosely based on a comic version who fought alongside Cisco in the 80s. Gypsy the bounty hunter, however, has Vibe-based powers, dropping people in an out of universes, including a brief jump in the Supergirl universe. Miss Teschmaker! and the ability to halt speedsters.

In order to save HR, Cisco offers to battle Gypsy, not knowing the challenge is meant to be to the death.

Cisco ultimately wins by exploiting a weakness in Gypsy’s fighting technique discovered by Julian. Cisco spares Gypsy and she returns to Earth 19 empty handed on the promise HR never returns AND remains hidden from Earth 19. This final moment tease before she leaves in an almost kiss with Cisco has me wanting so much more of Gypsy. Let’s hope she returns, because she and Cisco have amazing chemistry!

I couldn’t let this episode go without mentioning our second plot in a brother/sister team up as Iris and Wally go after the arms dealer from earlier. With Iris facing her possible death in a few short months, Iris focuses on making an impact, even if that means staring down death. These moments are gripping, touching and even comical, like when Iris asks Joe’s opinion about Barry’s favorite breed of dogs in a moment he thinks she’s talking about having children.

In our next episode, Barry trains Wally because Barry’s convinced Wally can become fast enough to save Iris from Savitar.

Let’s find out in the next episode of The Flash -- Untouchable.

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