Texas Rangers on the hunt for Tom Brady jersey bandit

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On Sunday, Tom Brady cemented his legacy as the greatest NFL quarter back of all time. His team, the New England Patriots, came from behind to win the game in over time. After the game, Brady put the jersey in his bag only to find it missing just a few minutes later. He told Patriots owner Robert Kraft it was missing. Brady seemed to wonder how the jersey could vanish from right under his nose. It has been rumored that a team employee took the jersey and locked it away to prevent theft.

AUSTIN — Don’t mess with Texas. And don’t come into our state and commit such a heinous crime against sports history, because the Texas Rangers will find you.

Someone apparently stole New England Patriots QB Tom Brady’s winning jersey after the overtime win against Atlanta in Super Bowl LI, but Texas is not having it.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has asked the Texas Rangers to help the Houston Police Department find whomever nabbed the jersey from the Patriot’s locker room at Houston’s NRG Stadium Sunday night following the game.

“In Texas we place a very high value on hospitality and football. Tom Brady’s jersey has great historical value and is already being called the most valuable NFL collectible ever,” Patrick said. “It will likely go to the Hall of Fame one day. It is important that history does not record that it was stolen in Texas.”

The Texas Rangers are the oldest state law enforcement agency in North America and they’ve have caught all sorts of bootleggers and spies and scallywags in their 181 year history. And they will catch you, too, Tom Brady jersey bandit.

“Whoever took this jersey should turn it in,” Patrick added. The Texas Rangers are on the trail.”

LOTS of Texas Rangers on the trail. The MLB team is having a little fun with the hunt, posting this to Twitter:

This case will be solved in no time!

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