Supergirl S02 E10: Livewire, M’gann’s rebellion, and an unexpected team up

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

It’s the return of Livewire and boy is it electric!

During a prison cell conversation with her psychologist, Leslie… I mean Liveware, is busted out of the cell by a security guard.

Our assumption is that the guard is somehow under Livewire's control. And in a later confrontation with Supergirl, Mon-El and the Guardian, the same security guard appears seemingly with the same powers as Livewire.

Not going to lie fans, I spent half the episode trying to figure out this new power set.

It’s during this tumble that James Olsen’s identity as the Guardian is exposed by Supergirl.

While Supergirl is busy pushing away James, Winn and now Mon El, J’onn is struggling with whether to martian bond/mind meld with M’gann who’s in a coma after a psychic attack.

It's in this touching origin moment for M’gann that we travel to the point where she decides to rebel against her own people to save enslaved green martians.

Back at the DEO, surveillance footage shows not a break-out by Livewire, but an abduction!

Turns out a mad scientist…I’m not lying he’s billed as the mad scientist...has captured Livewire and has been experimenting on his version of super soldiers.

During the final confrontation, the Guardian, Mon-El and Supergirl take on the mad scientist and his Livewire powered Super soldiers, but not without the help of Livewire?

Yep! It’s the team-up no one expected.

In exchange for the assist, Supergirl lets Liveware escape, but not without the promise to apprehend her at a future date. Supergirl is banking on the trust extended to Livewire is hope she’s reformed.

Our next episode teases where the J’onn and M’gann martian bond left off with White Martians on the hunt for M’Gann.

In fact the preview looks quite thrilling, bring on the newest Supergirl.

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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