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Students jump in to save teacher from heart attack!

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On January 4th, the lives of six students, three staff members, and a Marcus High School teacher changed forever.

"It happened all so fast, it was third period I sit right next to his desk and I looked behind and he was bending down to take attendance, you know he froze up, his eyes glazed over he fell straight to the floor and he just started seizing, “says Senior, Hunter Davis.

English teacher Ira Sherrill had a heart attack and collapsed right after the bell for third period.

Sherrill says, "After I took my attendance, I went blank after that. Apparently, I just fell on the floor."

That's when students and school staff turned into a lifesaving dream team. They performed CPR; saving Mr. Sherrill.

Davis says, "Multiple individuals helped. Bret for instance, was already on the phone calling 911 when this happened and a few of the kids ran out to go get the nurse."

He was rushed to Medical City Lewisville, where he underwent a successful double bypass heart surgery. And on Friday, Marcus High School went all out with a pep rally to recognize those who helped Mr. Sherrill.

Sherrill says, "I cannot say enough about the Marcus students, staff and faculty; because they're the reason I’m here today."

Hey, as far as we're concerned, everyone gets an A plus!

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