Keller’s beloved Bambi wall art and its friends vandalized, painted over

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KELLER -- Remember our deer-drawing Dali?

You know, the secret artist who painted wildlife in a Bear Creek Parkway tunnel in downtown Keller?

Well, the fun's over!

“It’s just sad. That’s all I can say," Keller resident Michelle Fulgham said Monday. "I just can’t believe that someone would do that, take advantage of someone’s art.”

The critters -- a deer, bird, armadillo, turtle, and a mother and baby turkey -- are gone, painted over after a vandal painted on them over the weekend.

Talk about a perfect example of 'this is why we can't have nice things'.

(The defaced deer wall art in Keller. City of Keller)

(The defaced deer wall art in Keller. City of Keller)

One picture sent from the City of Keller shows the vandal spray painted a crudely constructed top hat, monocle, and cane on the beloved Bambi.

Keller leaders said they hoped the well-liked wildlife would keep people from spray painting the walk through the tunnel, but they were wrong.

“Here’s a person that we don’t even know who it is that’s come out and done this wonderful artwork, and now it’s gone," Fulgham said. "That’s a shame.”

The City of Keller would still like to know who that original artist is, but at this point, it's unclear if they're still pursuing the possibility of a city-sanctioned mural painted by this reclusive Rembrandt.

Regardless, do residents want a redo?

“Oh, absolutely," Fulgham said. "I think it would be great if they came out and tried again.”

As for the vandals? You aren't the Fresh Prince. Give it a rest.

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