Boom Box: Hip Hop & Rock Come Together!

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DALLAS -- When you watch the news, you may start to realize that America is divided.

As much as we hate to think about it, maybe there is some truth to it.  However, we want to concentrate on things that unite us, like music.

It’s always special when artist cross genres and work together. Like when hip hop artist and rock artist collaborate.  It has happened several times.

Like the time Limb Bizkit and Method Man paired up for their Jam 'N Together Now, in the late 90`s.

Kanye also paired up with Adam Levin for Heard ’em Say on the 2005 album Late Registration.

One of our favorite collaborations involves Jay-z and Linkin Park when they came together on the Numb/Encore track. Remember that one?

Public Enemy collaborated with Anthrax on Bring the Noise and let's not forget Cypress Hill with Slash from Guns-N-Roses.

But the most notable had to be RUN-DMC with Aerosmith; Walk This Way, which is ironic since the rap group did protest it and it actually ended up being their biggest hit!

Just goes to show you it’s awesome when we all work together.

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