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Evil Empire: Patriots fans love the hate

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DALLAS — So the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl today for the 7th time in 15 years!

No surprise between all that winning, and a few accusations of cheating, the Pats came in ranked as the #1 most hated team in the NFL in a poll released this week.

But New England fans are embracing their status as the Evil Empire!

“It just rolls off your back,” said Guy Carusone, founder of the Patriots Fans in Dallas Fan Club. “They’re talking about my team! Good or bad, they’re still talking about my team!”

Also no surprise is the team that came in #2 behind the Patriots for the most hated spot: The Dallas Cowboys.

So as a Pats fan in Big D, is there a little camaraderie between the two despised fan bases?

“I do feel the Cowboys fan’s pains because they are just as hated as the Patriots are,” Carusone said. “I know they like to be first at everything but we beat them out in that as well, everybody hates us more!”

But don’t expect some kind of truce between the Boys and New England.

“Because it is football we don’t have a whole lot of camaraderie, we don’t high five and say, ‘yeah they hate us!’” Carusone insists.

So it looks like both teams will keep going it alone, trying to keep winning, and trying to stay that squad that folks just love to hate.

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