Dallas woman makes money betting on weight loss

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DALLAS - For most of us, exercising takes a little motivation.

For one Texas woman, that get-up-and-go attitude came in the form of cash.

Jennifer Dennison weighed 405 pounds when a car accident sparked a change in lifestyle.

She ended up losing 75 pounds but needed more to go when she saw an ad on TV for HealthyWage.com.
It's a site where you wage a bet on yourself and win cash if you reach your goal.

If you don't lose the weight, you lose your money. That was just the motivation Jennifer needed.

"I went to the website and started playing around with the algorithms figuring out how much money I might potentially be able to make just in a short amount of time," Jennifer says, "I settled on a 100 pounds in 10 months. It was a 100 bucks a month. Every time I saw it leave my bank account, I was like, 'it's time to go to the gym again'."

At the end of the bet Jennifer lost 102 pounds and won a whopping $4,800.