Take Your Shoes Off!

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It's something many people do: walk around their house with shoes on.

Why? Well, laziness, cold feet, or you're only staying for a few minutes before heading out. But there are some obvious reasons why you should consider leaving them on while at home.

Like, for example, if there is any visible dirt on them.

If that's not enough, a new study points out some reasons that may convince you - never to do that again.

First up, you could be bringing E. Coli home with you. Yep, chances are you stepped into a public bathroom today, right?

And, according to Kidspot, E. Coli is only one type of bacteria out of the 421,000 that have a 99% chance of staying over for dinner.

Toxins are next!

These bad boys can be scooped up onto your shoes from roads and rainwater, increasing the risk of cancer. And that’s probably the main reason why you shouldn't bring those Jimmy Choos inside your home.

They're just plain dirty!

Think about it, do you really want to do more cleaning just because you love your shoes?

Of course, you don’t! So keep your shoes off!