High school choir from Fort Worth will take the stage with Foreigner

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FORT WORTH -- The classic rock band Foreigner will be in town Friday, and their set will feature some very special backup vocals.

"Every time they go to a new city," said Hans Grim, Choir Director at Arlington Heights High School, "They sponsor this contest, to find a high school choir to come sing with them.  It just sounded like such an amazing opportunity for the kids."

"They're a legend," said senior Jesse Martinez of the British-American band. "My parents grew up listening to them. When I told my parents they were like 'Oh my god!'"

To enter the contest, the choir had to learn "I Want to Know What Love Is," and make a music video.

"This was like a two-day thing," said junior Erika Sanchez. "So we had to go really quickly."

"It was eighties," freshman Leslie Oseguera said, "So in the video some of us have like our hair up, weird makeup with the bright blue..."

Grim says "One of the girls said, 'Hey while he sings, can we put our cell phone lights up?' so they pulled them out, and it's great."

That video went viral around the school.

"I had teachers who were like 'I saw you on the video'," said Sanchez.  "I was like 'Really?!'"

Senior Carlos Portales, who sang the solo in the video, said he felt like an overnight celebrity!

"Even around Fort Worth," Portales said, "People were just noticing like 'Hey! We saw your video on YouTube, you guys did amazing!'"

So amazing in fact, that they won the contest!

So, on Friday, the Arlington Heights High School Choir will be a "long, long way from home" - at Verizon theater.

"You know a lot of choirs are overlooked by sports and whatnot," said Portales, "And this has really brought attention to the choir."

Yeah, these Fort Worth choir kids will be in the spotlight alright, Friday night in Grand Prairie.