Fort Worth orangutan makes Super Bowl prediction

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FORT WORTH -- Before you pull out the big bucks, you might want to be picky with your next Super Bowl pick. Well, unless you're already a Falcons fan or a Patriot-- you're kind of obligated to stay dedicated.

But, if you're stuck in between the two teams then it's best to let a monkey do the math. Not just any monkey -- an orangutan named PT.

At just 43-years-young, she's no rookie in picking winners! In fact, this prognostic primate comes from Fort Worth Zoo's winning team of record holders.

"We've had a winning record," explained Avery Elander at the zoo. "We had five correct predictions and hopefully PT can keep our winning record alive!"

So who does PT have her money on this year? Well, it didn't take her long to pick the Falcons.

"It's all about her drive and determination," Elander added. "To come out here and go directly towards the Falcons, I think they have a pretty good shot at winning the game on Sunday."

So,  there you have it! If you're betting big on the game, you might want to consider getting into this monkey business!