Trend of bomb threats puts Jewish Community Centers on high alert

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SALT LAKE CITY -- When Trump signed off on his temporary immigration changes late last week it quickly sparked several protests across the country. For one reason or another, it seemed like many people were on edge.

While all of that was happening, not only did a gunman go into a mosque in Canada and kill six in an act of terror, but a mosque in Victoria, Texas coincidentally burned down. Now things are getting even more intense.

On Wednesday, the Jewish Community Centers Association claimed more than a dozen centers nationwide had received bomb threats. Locations in Wisconsin and Utah were evacuated after receiving a threat!

"This might be part of a bigger picture national conversation that's happening," Detective Greg Wilkins with Salt lake City Police explained." "We've had several of these throughout the country."

Trumps ban probably isn't to blame for all the commotion. Turns out, JCCA says this is the third wave of threats in a single month!

"Thankfully, today's threat was not credible but we're mindful that hoax threats are scary too."

Here's hoping those fake threats never turn into the real deal.