Kids rule: Study says children run things in modern family households

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COLLEGE PARK , MD -- Growing up, it was normal for our parents to put us in our place every once in a while.

Well, according to a new study from the University of Maryland, the roles have reversed for some modern families.

Gone are the days dads or moms ruled the households. Researchers say a rise in two-income families and a decrease in the number of children couples are having-- have resulted in the kid taking the throne.

And we're not talking about the potty either!

The study breaks it down like this:

With mom and dad competing in parenting, the rivalry reportedly triggers the only child to feel more empowered from all the love and affection. So what we thought was just "spoiled rotten" smells of something different.

Researchers also put blame on the millennial moms and dads who only have one child. They're claiming the drop in family size ends up giving an only child more muscle in the home!

The attitude may be cute now, but it won't be so fun when your kid starts telling you to do the dishes!