Arrow S05 E10: Team Arrow battles Black Siren, and a new Canary is coming

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Hello Team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics!

Speaking of Team Arrow, is Black Canary / Laurel Lance back?

She certainly spins a good story about the Legend of Tomorrow’s Sara Lance and the Wave Rider, but Felicity isn’t convinced.

Felicity goes as far as tricking Laurel by throwing a welcome back party just to get a DNA sample which turns out to be a match!

But the ruse is dropped fast in his very same scene where Laurel goes all evil siren and reveals herself to Felicity and Rory!

Turns out Laurel is the evil Earth 2 version of Laurel from Flash who’s escaped from STAR Labs, thanks to Prometheus.

And did I say siren? Yep! Our evil Laurel finally gets her moniker thanks to Felicity dubbing her Black Siren.

Prometheus eventually turns on Black Siren and we spend most of the rest of the episode with Oliver hoping to save evil Laurel over his own guilt for not saving our Laurel.

But a tiger cannot change it’s stripes and in a final battle scene Arrow, Felicity and Mr. Terrific take on Black Siren with Oliver putting evil Laurel away in ARGUS.

Love this surprise tech device Curtis builds to blunt Black Sirens cry. It’s glimpse at potential tech abilities similar to his Mr Terrific comic counter part.

Our end of episode gives us Oliver determined to find a new Canary to honor Laurel’s memory and our preview shows us just that! And she looks kick-bootie!

Can I say bootie on these? Will bootie get me past the censors?

Who is this new Canary? How does she have her own Canary Cry? Let’s find out in the new Arrow “Second Chances!”

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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