Arlington man at center of Las Vegas kidnapping

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ARLINGTON -- An Arlington man has found himself at the center of a shocking, multi-state kidnapping.

Jack Morgan, 31, was arrested in New Mexico along with 19-year-old Samuel Brown.

Police say the two kidnapped a woman from her home in Las Vegas, bound her in chains, and tossed her into the back of a van.

Investigators were able to catch up to him thanks to the woman's neighbor, who witnessed the ordeal and took down the van's license plate.

"She looked at me like she was trying to scream for help; he choked her so she couldn't do it. I followed them downstairs and I was trying to see what happened and then he saw me. He gave me a face like 'Go home or I'll kill you,'" neighbor Sky Li said.

That neighbor also says he saw Morgan at the woman's apartment complex the night before the kidnapping.

The FBI is now investigating.