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New Year Resolutions For Pets

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New year, new you, but what about fido?  Director of Operations at Hollywood Feed, Brittany Gilliam hooked us up with three great ways to make sure your furry friend stays in shape.

Start from the inside. While we drink mostly cows' milk in the U.S., over 70% of the world drink goats' milk , and it turns out it's the most complete food now. Where talking vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, and even probiotics for those troublesome tummies.  Just get some frozen goat's milk, thaw it out , and pour it over your dog's favorite food for a supplement to help strengthen their body and mind.

Another great supplement is fish stock. It comes frozen too, and can be used the exact same way.  With this one we've got the probiotics, as well as all the other stuff that comes along with fish.  Fish stock is chocked full of Omegas that are great for skin, nails, hair and joints.

If you want to get your pet moving, and it's either too cold, or you just ran out of time in the morning, there's a toy that will get their brain and body going, as well as fill their belly.  Just pour a little food in the Kong wobbler and watch as your fuzzy baby bats the thing around until food spills out, giving him or her a delicious reward.

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