It’s all good! Actor Justin Baldoni shows major love to the homeless

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You might've caught Justin Baldoni in CW's "Jane the Virgin," but behind the scenes, the co-star is no virgin to charity work. The 33-year old is the brainchild behind The Carnival of Love, a huge party dedicated to helping the homeless.

"You see homeless people everywhere, there`s something wrong with it," Justin said. "It`s disguised as this day of joy, but what we`re really trying to do, is provide some actual sustainable long-lasting relief."

This isn't your regular type of shindig, the event provides medical and legal services for those in need.

"'I`m sorry your feet are hurting?' 'Let`s go to the medical section.' 'You haven`t had a shower?' Let`s go get you a shower.' 'You like to dance? You like that music?  Well let`s go dance!'"

How many Hollywood hunks do you know would put on a party like for complete strangers?

"What I`m really proud of is that the people that attend these carnivals," he added. "See each other as
equals. And if we can do that, we can do anything."