Mesquite police give Wilkinson Middle School kids a cool surprise

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MESQUITE--Police gave kids at Wilkinson Middle School a really cool surprise  Monday.

Lt. Brian Parrish says "We want to give all the kids a snow cone, to thank them for their giving nature and we want to make sure they understand that we appreciate them."

Yeah, these kids and the faculty and staff at Wilkinson raised 11-grand to help teacher's aide Kevin Mabone with medical expenses.  They even gave him a car.

Kevin Mabone told them all he had prostate cancer. he didn't.

He didn't.

What he did have was a record, In West Virginia, For using taxpayer money for personal expenses.

Cops had a great time at the school today and the kids were very excited about their cool treats and the recognition from police.and these kids know.Most good deeds "are" rewarded.

And the kids know most good deeds are rewarded.


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