DFW Pastors ready to shine at planned vigil for refugees

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DALLAS - Protests over President Trump`s immigration ban didn't end at the airport.  A candlelight vigil in Dallas will bring more light to the issue.

"It`s going to be a peaceful protest when people will be holding candles, whether electronically or a candle app on your phone, and it`s a time for us to come together," said Pastor Brent Barry of North Park Presbyterian Church.

Civic leaders and elected officials will be holding a rally at Thanks-Giving Square to protest Trump's action to temporarily banning people from seven countries targeted by the Obama Administration.

Northridge Presbyterian Church knows firsthand the plight of the refugees. They've helped people from other countries get settled in Dallas.

Pastor Susan Bratt says, "They have left hell, fled for their lives, waited several years in an intentional vetting process just to be resettled here. And once they arrive they are so grateful."

While this isn't the first time a president has banned people from a Muslim country, Pastor Barry Brent points out Trump campaigned on a Muslim ban. He says for him,  it`s not about protesting the president.

"In terms of trying to protest one particular person, I am not part of that but I will stand for the gospel against policies if I think the Gospel calls for it," said Brent.


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