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Lost cats found stuck in owner’s wall

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A bizarre chain of events left a pet owner frantic and a couple of tabbies trapped inside a wall!

Home surveillance footage shows the two cats last playing in the living room.

A few minutes later, they're no where to be found.

"Rewind the cameras. Slow it down. Skip forward. Go backwards. The cats just seem like they poof, disappeared," says the cats' owner, Natalie Pradia.

She assumed someone accidentally let them out.

The problem? Cameras didn't catch the felines fleeing out the front door. Turns out, curiosity actually led the two somewhere strange.

"I'm like, where are y'all? Zelda? Ginger? Then I hear 'meow, meow'. It sounded boxed in. I figured they were stuck somewhere.

Those meows were coming from the floor.

A maintenance worker apparently created an opening in the wall while replacing tiles and the cats got stuck. Crews had to cut through a neighbor's ceiling to get them out but they seem to be doing just fine.


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