Tostitos party bag knows when you’ve been drinking, will even call Uber for you!

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HOUSTON -- Hitting up any Super Bowl 51 parties next weekend? Yeah, we are too, baby! But you may want to let this bag of chips ride shotgun.

It's a limited edition Tostitos party safe bag.

There's a really unique feature built in that detects alcohol on your breath.You just blow on the bag. If you're okay to drive a green steering wheel lights up on the front. If your breath smells like booze a red wheel appears with a "Don't drink and drive" message.

Unfortunately, you can't buy these bags in stores. They're only being handed out under a promotion.

But specially marked bags in stores do have a $10 Uber discount code to help you get home safely.

Tostitos hopes to help save lives by getting 25,000 cars off the road the night of the Super Bowl.

Hey, you may not be able to tell when you've had one too many beers but, your chip bag might be able to!