Holocaust survivor speaks on Remembrance Day

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DALLAS -- January 27th may not be a date that is circled on the calendar, but for those who survived the horrors at concentration camps during World War II, it is a Day of Remembrance.

Holocaust survivor Max Glauben often speaks about his experiences, "At the beginning, all the rights that I had, and my family had as a citizen living in a free country, was taken away from us.”

Six million Jews died during the Holocaust, and many of those who made it out alive, wanted to make sure their stories would never die.

“What people don’t realize that we were liberated in a strange country. We were liberated where we were not liked,” Glauben said.

Friday at the Holocaust Museum in Dallas, students took time out to hear the stories of those who  survived. Some believe that this generation of students can learn a lot from the mistakes of the past, and help us all avoid repeating them.