Greg Abbott Announces More Money to Dallas PD & Grand Prairie Gets BodyCams

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Greg Abbott is giving the Dallas Police Department a money makeover!

It's no secret that on July 7th, 2016, Dallas took shots, literally and figuratively.

The devastating ambush shook many, right to the core.

People all over the world came out to support, not only the fallen but also for those who still need to go out and protect our communities every day.

Which is why on Thursday, Governor Abbott announced the Homeland Security Grants Division is going to award Dallas more than one million dollars. That'll go towards new gear like helmets and bulletproof vests.

But the makeovers aren't just happening in the Big D, Grand Prairie is also getting a reboot on security.

GP PD is planning to issue 200 body cams to its officers next month.

The Grand Prairie Police Department said, "Body worn cameras are a tool, and they will help increase our already high levels of transparency. After the recording  has been completed you can immediately view it through the device on a viewer that we can have in the car or you can bring it to the police station where anyone can view the video prior to it being offloaded to  the cloud.”

Hey, anything that's going to make our communities safer is fine by us!