Chew on This: Stir Crazy Baked Goods

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FORT WORTH – In need of a sweet treat that'll take you back in time? Stir Crazy Baked Goods in Fort Worth is concentrating on old fashioned recipes with a twist!

"We'll take our grandmother's recipes or my mom's recipes for instance, and just kind of play with them,” owner Robbie Warner told Newsfix. "Some of the most fun we have is just in the kitchen creating different flavor combinations and things like that."

From cupcakes, to cakes, to cookies, to pies – to the infamous sweet roll.

"It is a biscuit base rather than a traditional yeast based roll,” Warner said. "We roll up our biscuits with cinnamon and sugar and whatever else we want to put in."

Mexican hot chocolate sweet roll anyone?

Chew on This: Stir Crazy Baked Goods is also serving ‘uterus’ cookies as a nod to women's rights!

"With the Women's March coming last week we really wanted to close down and all be there,” Warner told Newsfix. “We're a staff of all women here. We decided that if we couldn't be there with everyone united then we wanted to do something here with our baked goods. It's just a universal symbol of womanhood. And with that, we are benefiting the Women's Center of Tarrant County. So a portion of our proceeds will go directly to them."

It's safe to say there's nothing sweeter than Women's empowerment!!