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Relationship Stats To Wig You Out On National Spouse Day

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Happy National spouses day!

It's a great day to show appreciation to your significant other, but a survey from National Today finds we have some secret beefs with each other.

Here's a stat that may raise an eyebrow: only 38% of women think their husbands ares sexy.  With more than half of the men saying the *same thing* about their brides.

In the survey, more than half of spouses say they appreciate that their spouse's work hard, and that their boo-thang is smart and makes them laugh.

44% feel that their other half gets on their nerves.

Really? Just 44 percent?

40% say the other spouse doesn't listen, and 1 in 5 say their spouse has issues with nose picking, burping and farting.

Again. Just one in 5?

Holding those feelings in only lets them build up.

And you don't to be around when they finally come out.

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