Neighborhood Supports Demolished Houses

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DALLAS - It was demo day for several dilapidated houses in the 10th Street Historic District of Dallas.

District 4 Councilwoman Carolyn King Arnold was so happy when the dozers rolled in, she rolled into song. "They started rolling but we're moving a little bit faster. Like rolling down a river. Rollin', rollin' like a river. So we`re rolling," she sang.

10th Street neighbors say they've waited a long time to get rid of these eyesores and all the bad things that happen around them.

"A lot of the traffic from the homeless people would stop coming by my house up the street there. I`m absolutely happy to see them go down," said Ray Sollers, who lives nearby.

Workers say a vacant demo can cost as much as $15,000, especially if there's asbestos involved.  Six houses are being torn down on this block alone and folks around here couldn't be happier.

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