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Get a New Suit Sean Spicer!

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WASHINGTON D.C. -- If you've been keeping up with White House Press Secretary then during Saturday’s briefing, you probably noticed something.

Sean Spicer's suit!

Yep, believe it or not, viewers were all over him like a cheap suit!

Here's the issue, even though the suit probably cost a pretty penny, it was just way too big on him. He had gaps around his neck and the shoulders on the suit went way past his own. And people noticed immediately.

Then took to Twitter to let him know. One person tweeted:

And so rather than let Spicer shrink into his suit, like a scene from Alice in Wonderland, people started a Go Fund Me page titled: "Buy Sean Spicer a Suit that Fits"

The creator of the page, Mia Pinchoff, even goes as far as making a video on suit-gate.

So far it’s raised about $625 which is actually above the $250 goal.

Now, the money isn't really going to Spicer, it’s going to Planned Parenthood because let's face it, if he's working at the White House he can suit himself!




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