Texas Teacher In Trouble For Pot Usage In Colorado

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EL PASO - Legal or not, some people really like to roll a joint.

It's legal in eight states for recreational use and in 20 other states for medicinal purposes.

So you can just head off to one of those states, enjoy,  and come home, right?

That's what a teacher from El Paso thought when she went to Colorado, used some weed, then came back home.  She got nailed on a drug test.

Maryam Roland thought since it was legal in Colorado she was okay. She even got a judge to agree with her.   The judge's opinion compared it to gambling you can do it while you're in Nevada and you won't be punished when you get back home.

But it's not that simple.

"Even if it's legal in Colorado under Colorado state law, it's still illegal under federal law," Attorney Jim Pikl said. "Marijuana is still a level 1 substance, a controlled substance and it's still a crime to possess it or ingest it."

But the judge's opinion in this case was just a suggestion. So the bottom line for now if you fail a drug test, you can get fired.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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