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Arrow S05 E09: There’s a traitor in our midst, plus the identity of Prometheus is revealed (we think)

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Hello team Arrow! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics.

It’s our mid-season finale and we’ve got a Traitor revealed! A Villain revealed! The Death of a Hero! And a Heroes Return? Times Two?

The trail to follow in this episode is a little muddy.

Via flashbacks we discover Arrow killed pharmaceutical CEO Justin Clayborn four years ago after Clayborn was working with the mysterious “AK Desmond Group” to not only weaponize Tuberculous but provide it’s cure through a price hiked vaccine provided by Clayborn pharmaceutical company.

In the ensuing battles Evelyn is revealed as the traitor providing information to Prometheus!

And during an investigation and search by officer Billy Malone possibly discovers that Prometheus is Clayborn’s son.

This leads to Billy’s capture by Prometheus but not before sending the intel to Felicity.

Now keep in mind Prometheus has been calculating and playing Team Arrow this entire time. I’m not certain yet that Prometheus’ reveal as Justin Clayborn’s son is for real, real.

This intel leads Arrow to Prometheus' location and in a heartbreaking moment, Arrow mistakenly kills a drugged and disguised officer Billy Malone.

As difficult as it was to watch Ollie tell Felicity, it was with some satisfaction that Felicity and the rest of Team Arrow knew where to place blame for Billy’s death.

I’m hopeful we’re not going to linger with blame on Oliver for Billy’s death in future episodes like we have in other shows (I’m talking to you Cisco).

And for our finale we get Thea as Speedy! Is Speedy jumping back in the game now that Evelyn/Artemis is revealed as the traitor.

Plus this bombshell… the return of Laurel Lance?

It can’t be that simple right? Let’s find out  in the next Arrow “Who Are You?”

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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