Legends of Tomorrow S02 E08: Gangsters, Spear of Destiny, and the Legion of Doom!

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Hello my Legends Legionaries! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

In our mid-season finale, our legends head back to Chicago1927 for a time anomaly involving Elliot Ness, Al Capone, gangsters and duh-duh-duh Damien Darkh! Eobawn Thawne! And Malcom Merlyn!

Barely saving Elliot Ness from death at the hands of Al Capone, our Legends work throughout the episode by doing everything to make sure Capone goes to jail via an accounting ledger, instead of the new timeline change where Capone becomes mayor.

At every turn though is Darkh, Merlyn and Thawne in their quest to find the amulet that White Canary has hidden aboard the Wave Rider.

In a crazy battle scene Thawne sneaks into the Wave Rider, disguised as Martin Stein, and takes on our entire team leading to Malcom and gangsters with tommy guns boarding the Wave Rider too.

I live for the scene of Sara fighting Malcolm, then Vixen getting in some beat down on reverse Flash.

It’s here that Thawne reveals to Vixen that he killed Rex Tyler - Hourman.

Sara ultimately decides that in order to save her crew and Martin in particular, she trades the amulet to spare Martin.

In our end of episode reveal Darkh, Merlyn and Thawne put the pieces of the amulet together creating a map/compass to the Spear of Destiny!

In a departure from it’s abilities in the comics, this version of the Spear of Destiny will give our villains the ability to manipulate time itself.

In our next episode preview, our villains get their name finally – “the Legion of Doom”


And they travel to 1967 to find… Rip Hunter?

Movie Director?

Why do they need Rip? Where has he been all this time?

Let’s find out in the next episode of Legions of Tomorrow “Raiders of the Lost Art!