Flash S03 E09: Down with Alchemy, why Savitar is so grumpy, and 90’s Flash goodness

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Hey Flash fans! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

Recapping our midseason finale, we get double the speedsters as Jay Garrick joins our Christmas themed episode The Present to help Barry Allen - Flash defeat Dr. Alchemy and Savitar.

In a Christmas gift to 1990’s classic TV Flash fans our first scene has Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hammill guest-starring as Earth 3’s Trickster!

A role for TV he originated alongside John Wesley Shipp - our current Jay Garrick who also played Barry Allen Flash in 1990’s show. Thanks producers and writer for this amazing call back.

Back to our mid-season finale - in a departure from the comics and classic lore, Cisco and crew discover the Philospher’s Stone doesn’t transmute elements but instead is a hindu weapon named the brahmastra, which can create meta-humans.

Jay brings more knowledge to this explaining Savitar was the first human given the powers of speed.

During an assault, Dr. Alchemy attempts to create meta-humans, Jay and Barry team-up to go head to head with Dr Alchemy and Savitar and we nearly lose Jay in the battle until Barry locks the Philosphers Stone away.

Not only does it send Savitar away, it reverts Dr. Alchemy to his unwitting, unknowing counter-part Julian Albert.

Once back a Star Labs, Cisco and crew are able to channel Savitar through Julien where it’s revealed Savitar is exacting revenge on Flash for trapping him in eternity sometime in the near future.

He also gives three ominous warnings. One will fall. One will betray and one will suffer a fate worse than death.

So our crew decides to rid themselves of the stone by tossing it into the speed force – or as Jay calls it “an endless void into eternity”.

Wait didn’t Savitar say he was trapped in eternity? Bad idea guys!

Once the stone is tossed into the speed force, Barry is thrown five months into the future where he witnesses the death of Iris at the hand of Savitar.

Fortunately, Jay pulls him back to the past.

We’re even teased with next episode’s villain in a news report on criminal Jared Marillo. Comic fans will recognize this as the assassin known as Plunder!

What a fantastic mid-season finale as it propels us until the rest of the season.

With Dr. Alchemy defeated, our next episode preview reveals Flash and crew doing everything to prevent the future and the death of Iris from happening.

So get ready for the next Flash in “Borrowing Problems from the Future!”

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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