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Will Trump Infrastructure Plan Help Fix DFW Roads?

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DALLAS -- It seems everybody - from Barack Obama to Donald Trump - agrees we need better roads, and have for a while.

Perhaps no one knows more about the infrastructure needs around here than the Dallas City Council.

"It's the simple things that make a city a city," said Philip Kingston, the Council member from District 14.  "Streets is the one everybody notices the most.  The needs inventory is approximately $900 million."

So when the incoming president started talking about putting a trillion dollars into the nation's infrastructure, you'd think folks like Kingston would be excited.  But not so fast.

"You have to listen closely to what Mr. Trump says," Kingston told NewsFix. "He never said he would spend a trillion dollars. What he said was that he could generate a trillion dollars in private-sector spending on infrastructure.  So he's not for infrastructure investment.

"I have very little hope that this area will get any significant help from the federal government under a Trump administration."

Hmm, getting help paying for better roads around here may seem like a pipe dream, but hey.  If President Trump's Twitter is to be believed, "No dream is too big, no challenge is too great."

Yeah, we'll just keep our fingers crossed.

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