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Supergirl S02 E08: Cyborg Superman, Medusa Weapon And An Alien Massacre

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Hello my Supergirl Superfriends! It’s Richard from Zeus Comics

First of congrats to Supergirl and all the CW Super-Hero show for getting renewed not only for the rest of the season but for new seasons next year!

Since it’s a Thanksgiving episode, of course it’s all about family drama and resolutions. That’s what the holidays are for!

Kara deals with the truth behind her father Zor-El's work. Alex coming out to Eliza Danvers, Lillian Luther and Lena Luther

Wait wait wait. Did y’all catch Lillian's hilariously mocking Lena’s wine choice in her office? She pours a glass of wine during a mother/daughter villainous heart-to-heart, sniffs the wine in the glass then puts it down, not taking a drink.

I had to replay that three times. Such shade.

Oh and when Alex finally comes out. It isn’t Alex that reveals the truth, it’s Eliza.

“Is it about that Maggie you keep talking about? Is it because you’re gay?” Well for one thing I’m glad that was the  answer because otherwise that would have been AWKWARD!

For our mid-season finale, we discover the reason Cyborg Superman broke into the Fortress of Solitude was to steal a bio weapon made by Kara’s dad Zor-El.

This bio weapon, named Medusa, when released in the air would kill all non-Kryptonians. How Cadmus and Cyborg Superman knew Medusa existed is either a plot hole or a question for later time.

After re-engineering Medusa to kill all aliens while sparing humans, Cadmus tests the new weapon on our friendly neighborhood alien bar killing all inside and infecting Mon-El.

Spared from death in-part to a battle in the alley outside the bar with Cyborg Superman.

In order to release Medusa into the atmosphere to rid the Earth of all aliens, Lillian Luthor needs Isotope 454 from her daughter Lena and L-Corp.

We’re led to believe that Lena rejects Supergirl’s plea for assistance “Be Your Own Hero” to work with her mom.

However in our final showdown the launched missile spreading the Medusa weapon, turns out to be inert thanks to Lena. What’s interesting about this mid-season finale is it seems to wrap up major plot points from Season two.

Lillian and Cadmus are defeated with Lillian going to jail.

Lena reveals herself to a hero and ally to Supergirl.

Eliza Danvers manages to engineer Medusa to cure J’onn of his White Martian transformation.

Alex and Maggie get together by the end of the episode. And then we get the kiss between Mon-El and Kara.

So where do we go from here?

Our next episode is directed by famed director Kevin Smith and guest-starring his daughter Harley Quinn Smith.

Our preview gives us a glimpse of an alien landscape, possibly pulling from the tease in our midseason finale of space aliens after Mon-El.

Our preview is also heavy on returning villain LiveWire and a glimpse of the guest-stars in the new episode also gives us another returning villain Roulette!

So what’s in store for Supergirl and heroes for the rest of the season?

Let’s find out in the next Supergirl directed by Kevin Smith… “Supergirl Lives!”

Video: Director Rueben Gonzales, Editor Chris Williams.
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