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Rangers Fan Fest Helps Cure the Cowboys Blues

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ARLINGTON, TX — There won’t be anymore football played at AT&T Stadium for awhile now, so it’s time to head down the street!

Baseball is right around the corner and Saturday, Rangers fans were back at the park for Fan Fest.

Yeah, Rangers red and blue packed out the field, but there was still some silver and blue to be seen as well. So does getting back into the swing of baseball season help heal last week’s loss?

“Most definitely. If we can get the Rangers going get this season going, it most definitely will help,” said one fan.

“I would’ve liked it a little better if the Cowboys had won against the Packers," a young fan said, still mourning last week’s loss.

Well, at least the Rangers got a big win this week with Pudge Rodriguez getting elected into the Hall of Fame, which is also a win for these die-hards.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said a fan in an old-school Rodriguez jersey. “I went online and I checked, and I told my wife that he got elected, and I told her all the autographs we have of him just went up in value!”

Well, that will erase the playoff loss blues for sure.

And if that doesn’t work, just check out the trophies and banners of seasons past, hit the base paths and hope that this year will finally be the year for the Rangers.

And if they fall short again, it’s back across the street to the Cowboys!

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