The “Las Vegas Raiders?” Raider Nation Leads Big News Around the League

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LAS VEGAS -- The season may be over for the majority of NFL teams, but that doesn't mean they're not making headlines!

No surprise, that includes the Dallas Cowboys.

The Pro Football Writers Association named Jason Garrett Coach of the Year. He's only the second Cowboys' coach to get the honor. Tom Landry was named Coach of the Year twice.

While that is a pretty big deal, it still will not likely be the talk of the NFL pregame shows on Sunday.

In a couple of years, the Oakland Raiders could be known as the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders filed paperwork on Thursday to move to Sin City.

This is not a done deal, yet. The Raiders need to get 24 out of 32 NFL owners to approve the deal, and it's possible it won't go through. The first deal with the Chargers didn't go through in 2016.

Is it a really a good idea?

The gambling capital of the country and professional football don't exactly go hand in hand, or at least it didn't for Tony Romo.

In 2015, Romo tried to put together a fantasy football event where fantasy football players from around the country would get to meet NFL superstars in Las Vegas. The league decided to cancel it because the location was tied to a casino.

The NFL is expected to vote on the proposal in March. For now, Raider Nation might want to start saving their pennies in case the "Vegas Raiders" actually happens.


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