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Simon Says: Not Popular? Don’t worry, It’s Overrated!

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Donald Trump is never at a loss for words , or tweets, but there’s one thing he can’t say with a straight face during his first weeks in The White House.
That line from the movie ‘Mean Girls’ where that girl says, “I’m sorry I’m so popular.”   
If you believe recent polls, it’s amazing how unpopular a Trump Administration is. The number's so low, Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t even have to create a new flavor.  They can just add his picture to ‘Rocky Road-ish’ and call it a day.
Democrats are boycotting the inauguration. There are protests in a city near you. I can’t remember a swearing-in ceremony where so many people are swearing!
Buckle-up! It’s gonna be an interesting four years. Get ready to see things you’ve never expected. But to kind of borrow a phrase from  John Lennon: “Give hair piece a chance!”  (I still think Trump wears one.)
Those of you watching and waiting for the first Presidential screw-up, remember this, Trump is already teaching us it’s OK to not be popular!   The website must have been channeling Trump when it recently called being popular “overrated”.
The site says there are many reasons,  like how popular people have enemies who pretend to be friends and how they also feel pressure to do and say the right thing all the time. 
 Maybe that’s why Mr. Unpopular is always so unfiltered
 My opinion here probably isn’t popular with a lot of you, but consider the teen out there who’s invisible at school or the lonely person next to you at work who goes home to a fish every night. They may be unpopular, but now they have a President who’s proving unpopular doesn’t mean unnoticed.
 Hell, Hillary Clinton was popular by more than two million votes and now look at her!
So those of you out there struggling to find your place or starting a new job, remember you don’t always have to be best in class--just show some once in a while!                          


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