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Record Flooding: Popular Music Store Works to Reopen After Tornado

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GRAND PRAIRIE -- Employees at Grand Prairie's Forever Young Records are still cleaning up and drying off, after the weekend's storms tore the roof off the place.

Manager Taylor Eckstrom said the tornado that blew through the area, "basically tore off the rainproof layer, so it started actually raining outside and inside the store."

The flooding that caused was the first thing Eckstrom and his employees had to deal with.

"We pushed out a lot of flooding," Eckstrom said.  "We got as much valuable product as we can out of the way.  After that, we got tarps and covered everything."

Once the rain stopped, the crew got to work checking every last item for water damage.

"The number one thing water would damage here is paper goods," said Eckstrom.  "So that means the paper inserts to a CD, that means the covers of vinyl. There's a lot of product in our store that they stopped making it back in the 50's, 60's.  When something's limited edition, it's like, it's ruined, so it's kind priceless."

Fortunately, the most valuable merch had extra protection in a glass case.

"So the damage was pretty massive," Eckstrom told NewsFix, "but it wasn't as terrible as it could have been."

Hey, thank goodness for that.  Eckstrom says the store should be open again by next week, but the process of getting Forever Young back to normal could take months.

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