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Rangers Recovery: Tony Beasley Talks About Beating Cancer

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ARLINGTON — So football season in Dallas is over, everybody. That means it’s time to turn the page: Baseball season!

The Texas Rangers are already hard at work out at Winter Camp this week, and even though last season came to just as tough an end for the Rangers as it just did for the Cowboys, Texas is already scoring some big off-the-field wins this week.

On Wednesday, the news came out that Ivan Rodriguez, the legendary catcher, had made it into the Baseball Hall of Fame in his first eligible year.

Pudge will join Nolan Ryan as just the second player to ever go into the Hall as a Texas Ranger.

So that’s a big win, but an even bigger victory was seen on the field Thursday: Third base coach Tony Beasley back at work after missing huge portions of last season battling cancer.

“It was a challenging year, but every player, every coach, front office, media, everyone, every fan, made it much easier to get through,” Beasley said of last year’s battle with cancer.

Well, last month Beasley was declared cancer-free and cleared to get back on the baseball diamond. He’ll return with a new sense of purpose.

“Just recognizing the importance of everything that we take for granted,” said Beasley. “Every little nuance of life that we just assume is just going to happen today, when those things become challenging and some of them are taken away, then you have to recognize that every day and everything is a blessing.”

And it’s victories like that, that make little things like winning or losing a game, seem very small in comparison.

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