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A Dog’s Pain? PETA Boycotts New Film After Video Allegedly Shows “Animal Cruelty”

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UPDATE: Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures have cancelled the film’s movie premiere night.

WINNIPEG, CANADA — If you’ve already seen the previews for A Dog’s Purpose,  you might’ve been moved by the fluffy flick. Who wouldn’t love a story about a dog living several lifetimes touching a bunch of human’s lives?

Well, new behind-the-scenes footage released by TMZ is revealing another angle of the film. The four-legged star named ‘Hercules’ appears to be forced to get into the water for one of the stunts.

Once this video surfaced, PETA was the first to call for a boycott of the film. The movie’s production company, Amblin Entertainment is fighting back. They claim Hercules was not forced to film and on days when he did not want to jump in the water — they did not make him.

Actor Josh Gad, who voiced Hercules, and director Lasse Halstrom says they’re shaken and disturbed by the released clip and plan to investigate.


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